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  • 懒人原生焦点图效果
  • 懒人原生焦点图效果
  • 懒人原生焦点图效果
  • 懒人原生焦点图效果
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  • Wang Qijun's painting exhibition held at Peking University


    The exhibition by Wang Qijun, a professor at the Central Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing and an overseas visiting scholar at Peking University, is a major event of the 2016 Peking University International Culture Festival which will be held till early next month.

  • Welcome to the 8th IACCI Symposium


    The 8th IACCI Symposium is held as part of the First Global Creative Industries Conference (GCIC) organized by the Global Creative Industries Programme at The University of Hong Kong.

  • Welcome to the 7th IACCI Symposium


    First international Research Symposium on Culture and Creative Industries in Berlin Seventh Symposium of the International Association of Cultural and Creative Industries (IACCI)

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